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Three Universities

Every university is in reality three universities. In this article, I am naming them: the university of truth, the university of learning, and the university of necessity. This collectively I am calling the Schemata of the university and the three imaginaries of the university pertain to partial experiences and to epistemological truths of the university which overlap and interact in important ways. The balance between these three realities is key to the success of a university qua university, but also to helping us understand how many of the modern proposals for reform of the university, by not taking these into account, serve to sever these worlds of the university apart, and more worryingly, act to privilege one world at the expense of the others. In this article I want to examine how in theorising the university we can develop concepts adequate not only for defending the specificity of the university as a form, what I have called elsewhere universitality, but also in a positive s…

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